Apollo Tires is excited to launch its National Account program in North America. Through years of research and development, Apollo has created an extensive line of truck tires for fleets across the continent. Longhaul, Regional, and Mixed Service tires that help lower your fleet’s Cost Per Mile and ensure a solid Return on Investment for your operation.
Available through authorized dealers from coast to coast, the Apollo Tires National Account program helps keep your fleet moving and your costs controlled. Providing a standard cost per tire wherever your fleet operates. Contact Apollo Tires today to sign your fleet up for high-performing, durable truck tires.




Nationwide Access

Whether your fleet operates across a region or across America, Apollo has you covered. With multiple participating Dealers groups, your fleet gets the pricing and service it deserves.


Competitive Consistent Pricing

With Apollo’s National Account Fleet Program your fleet gets the same price from a dealer next door or five states away. Established pricing ensures your return on investment is in line with your KPI’s wherever your fleet operates.


Cashless Transaction

With an Apollo National Account, your drivers don’t need to worry about payment at the point of purchase. The program provides the convenience of placing all approved product purchases on your account.


Consolidated Billing

Purchases made through authorized Apollo dealers will be consolidated improving your operational efficiency in the back office.


OEM Specification Credit

To help improve your ROI and keep your fleet aligned, Apollo offers an OEM Spec Credit for trucks ordered with Apollo tires.


The Apollo Tires Way

High quality tires that help you increase your bottom line. With sales, technical, warehousing and operations all based in America. Apollo Tires are backed by a limited road hazard warranty, 6 year, 2x retread warranty and rubber allowance to help get you the best ROI possible. We’re here for the long haul, building a relationship based on trust and commitment. 



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